Brand Consultancy, Fashion Brand

Brand Consultancy, Fashion Brand

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The Situation

  • The client wanted to invest in a new fashion brand.
  • The Focus was action sports, primarily MMA
  • There was only a small but increasing development budget.
  • The Client asked for a brand that was inspiring and colourful .
  • The client wanted to enter into an unknown field.


  • Market Analysis
  • Business Plan
  • Innovation Consulting
  • Strategic consulting and planning
  • Brand naming
  • Brand Identity & Design
  • Product Development / Product Design
  • Price and condition policy
  • eCommerce Website
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Fight Game Concept for iPhone & Facebook
  • Assistance in drafting binding agreement
  • Ad Campaign Planing and Execution
  • Photo shooting & Video Shooting
  • Trade show management in LA & Las Vegas
  • Project Management
  • Related Product Innovation Consulting
  • Idea Management
  • Search and selection of employees

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  • We successfully placed Born Stronger on National TV and PPV (Pay per view) TV
  • We placed the first line items into shops of one of the biggest retailers in the industry
  • We established the name Born Stronger in the industry.
  • We managed to start sales with our own online shop
  • We made very good contacts in the industry
  • Our first line not only made a great impression but also made a statement. This captured attention within the market and enabled us to get very close to the market leaders.
  • Established  the term “MMA sportswear” to be its first in this segment and so for the lead of this market.
  • As newcomers in the industry, we successfully managed to gain a place in the market.
  • Big progression for a low development budget
  • We gained a lot of market knowledge
  • We hired a team of designers and sales consultants to take further the brand further.

Product Designs

  • First Screen designs were made with low cost providers in China, Brazil, UK and USA. Due to a lack of budget, the first samples were made without a proper fashion designer. From illustration they went directly to be manufactured. No tech pack.
  • After  spending time searching  for the right manufacturers in China, India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam, we decided to go with a reputable company in China where the first product samples were produced.
  • A decision was then made to bring in an experienced fashion designer from LA. He took care of our first line which came out at the beginning of 2010


  • The perfect opportunity for the launch was in Las Vegas at the 100th celebration of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) as they were holding their first ever fan expo.
  • The main focus of this campaign was to introduce ourselves and create a rapport with the leaders in the industry aswell as the fighters. Making them brand followers meant that the fans would follow suit and soon be part of Born Stronger too.
  • Another step we took on quite early into the project was Social Media Marketing. This enabled us to build an online community who we went to for feedback on product development. It also gave them the chance to be part of the first phase.  To Support our Social media Marketing campaign we created a fight game for the iphone and facebook.
  • We proceeded to sign up two fighters, Jamie Warner (WEC world champion at the time) for our print campaign and a very promising heavyweight newcomer Todd Duffee.
  • Due to the success of both famous fighters, Born Stronger was finally in the eyes of the US media.
  • The next event was a trade show in Los Angeles.  We made sure that Todd Duffee was present to help promote the brand. Todd was the centre of attention the whole day. This had a huge impact on Born Stronger who were able to secure interviews with various TV Channels

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Game Design For Social & Mobile Media

  • At that time, this was the 1st fight game concept in the market
  • 3D Engine
  • design your characters
  • Bet money
  • Live Chat with opponent
  • Fight in cage
  • fight in tournaments
  • Option for Banner ads for Born Stronger and Partners
  • User chose to fight in Born Stronger Clothing
  • Send promotion messages to all user (delivered at Log in)
  • Manage contacts & email list
  • Please Test BETA:

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